Children within the Waterloo Region District School Board have access to racist, pornographic, and obscene material online while in the classroom.  CTV News-Kitchener first reported this in May 2015.  Read the article here.  Or watch the report:

On November 16, 2015, this issue was addressed at Queen’s Park:

To date, this problem has not been solved.  Children need to be protected from harmful material.  Parents deserve the peace of mind of knowing the schools are protecting their children.  If you would like the WRDSB to act to prohibit access from racist, pornographic, and obscene websites please sign the petition.  Whether or not you have children in a school, please take the time to speak up about child safety.

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    Please sign the petition to help keep our children safe!

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    Install Web Protection on WRDSB Devices

    To Whom It May Concern;

    Thank you for your work as a public servant. I am concerned that children are being exposed to racist, pornographic, and obscene material while using the Internet at school. The school board should be doing everything possible to protect the children.

    Section 4.1 of WRDSB Administrative Policy 4070 reads, "The Waterloo Region District School Board will make every effort to protect users of Board technology from misuse and abuse, and will take reasonable steps to ensure information, communication and collaboration technologies are used only for purposes consistent with the Board’s corporate and learning expectations and Character Development and Digital Citizenship goals."

    Section 2.1 of WRDSB Administrative Policy 4080 reads, "The Board's first responsibility in this area is to provide filtering protection which will
    restrict access to material that has no educational value or is inappropriate, such as
    material deemed to be racist, pornographic, dangerous, or obscene."

    The WRDSB is not upholding its own policies.

    Child safety should be a priority in all schools. I am calling on the Waterloo Region District School Board to fix this problem and implement a web filtration system that will prevent children from accessing pornographic, racist, and other harmful material.


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On April 18, 2016, almost one year after the original segment, CTV News aired another segment.  Will the WRDSB fix the problem? Time will tell.