Shall we thank the trustees?

As you know, Trustees Cindy Watson and Natalie Waddell’s motion passed on Monday with some amendments.  Here is the exact motion.  Essentially, private sector companies can now propose to fix the problem.

At the trustee meeting, all trustees indicated they wanted to fix this problem, except for Trustee Mike Ramsay.  He wants nothing done.  If you remember, he’s the trustee who blamed this whole thing on the children.  On Monday, he defiantly dismissed us for wasting time.
Even Kathi Smith voted for the amended motion.  Remember, she’s the trustee who accused us of being liars and was angry about all the angry emails she received.  But she still supported the motion, so that’s good.
So maybe you could send the trustees some emails thanking them for taking action.  We’ve dumped on them a lot, and rightfully so because for 13 months they’ve accomplished nothing. On Monday they finally did something.  It was small, and nothing is fixed.  But it put the ball in motion.  So go ahead, and let them know they’re now headed in the right direction.  Here are their addresses:
Copy.  Paste.  Write thank you.  Send.
I excluded Mike Ramsay from the list, because like I said he wants nothing to do with this.  But hey, if you want to send an email to him, be my guest:;

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