John Maggs’ Letter to the Editor in Saturday’s Record

Concerned parent, John Maggs, had a letter to the editor published in Saturday’s Record.

Re. Tighter Internet controls studied — April 19
The Waterloo Region District School Board is to be commended for taking steps to ensure student safety. As a parent of two young children who have been exposed to inappropriate Internet content on board-owned devices on at least three occasions, I appreciate the willingness of the board to consider getting help from local tech firms that specialize in this area. One line from the coverage in The Record indicates that at least one trustee, Mike Ramsay, “dismissed the Internet debate as a sideshow.” He is quoted as saying, “This is a wild-goose chase. I hope we can get back to student achievement, some time in the future.”

This is a false dichotomy. Student safety does not need to be sacrificed on the altar of student achievement. Both are reasonably achievable and both fall under the purview of the board of trustees. Considering it has taken over a year to arrive at this point, perhaps he is feeling that this issue has dragged on for too long. On this we would agree.
John Maggs


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