A Chromebook for Every Student?

Last Monday night, we had a small victory at the WRDSB meeting.  The trustees voted to give the private sector an opportunity to explain how they can stop inappropriate use of the Internet within the WRDSB.

That was a small victory, a very small victory.

We’ve been pushing for change in the WRDSB for over 13 months.  Even with that motion last Monday, children can still access pornography and other harmful content on school computers, on school WiFi, and during school time.  

At the board meeting last Monday prior to the discussion on Internet filtration, staff CIO Mark Carbone did some vision casting.  Carbone is the person responsible for Intenet filtration.  He told our parent council last spring that the Internet would be properly filtered within two weeks.  The problem is still not fixed.

So what vision did he cast for technology at last Monday’s board meeting?  Was it about safety?  Was it about finally implementing proper filtration like he said he would a year ago?

He talked about putting a Chromebook in the hands of every individual student.  That’s right.  The WRDSB still uses technology recklessly and negligently.  Little children still have access to the darkest bowels of the Internet.  And what did Carbone tell the board last Monday?  He talked about buying Chromebooks for every kid.  

That way every kid will have an Internet portal all the time.  

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m no luddite, and I’m all for technology.  I even sympathize with his zeal to use technology to teach.  But given the WRDSB’s scandalous use of Internet technology and given we still don’t have a solution for the disaster that’s happened on Carbone’s watch, don’t you think his timing is off?     

Let’s fix the problem, and then buy the Chromebooks.
Last Monday, we won a small victory.  But this problem is not solved.  Not even close.  We still need to see a solution implemented.

One thought on “A Chromebook for Every Student?

  1. Anna says:

    Not for every student. Only for grade 9s. But i agree that they should’nt have them either. I think that its only a huge hassle. High school students have enough to carry home already with their lunches, textbooks, etc. I can barely pick my sons bag up! And now they’re expected to fit a small laptop into their backpacks too? Some kids have to walk miles to get home already. Quit wasting your money wrdsb

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