New Report and New Board Meeting

In April the WRDSB trustees motioned that staff request the private sector offer solutions to their reckless use of Internet technology.  That report has arrived (p. 8-10 of the .pdf).  Board CIO Mark Carbone will present the report at Monday’s board meeting.  You should attend.  It’s at 7:00 PM on Monday at 51 Ardelt Ave. in Kitchener.  Better yet, come as a delegation and speak to the board.


Event: Navigating Childhood Education

Fifteen months ago my husband and I politely asked WRDSB staff to install adequate Internet filtration on school computers. Children should be protected from accessing porn and other harmful content while at school.
It’s taken us well over a year, but finally public sector tech firms can now propose a solution.  Hopefully, we’ll see a report on those proposals in June.
The reckless and negligent use of technology within the WRDSB has produced anxiety among parents.  Many have questions about childhood education.  Whether it’s the Internet issue or the new sex-ed curriculum or the academic standards, many have expressed concern.
Because of this, our church, Harvest Bible Chapel, is hosting an information night on childhood education  this coming Sunday at 7 PM.  We have rented Woodland Christian High School in Breslau for the evening.  Parenting is tough business, especially today.  We want to help parents think through the many challenges they face as well as present the various educational options available.
My husband and I will speak at the event.  Sean Sheeran who’s been instrumental in promoting will also speak.  We have a few other speakers scheduled, and we will follow up with an open-panel Q & A.
You can access all the information you need about this important event here.  Please sign up and attend.  I know you will find it helpful!


A Chromebook for Every Student?

Last Monday night, we had a small victory at the WRDSB meeting.  The trustees voted to give the private sector an opportunity to explain how they can stop inappropriate use of the Internet within the WRDSB.

That was a small victory, a very small victory.

We’ve been pushing for change in the WRDSB for over 13 months.  Even with that motion last Monday, children can still access pornography and other harmful content on school computers, on school WiFi, and during school time.  

At the board meeting last Monday prior to the discussion on Internet filtration, staff CIO Mark Carbone did some vision casting.  Carbone is the person responsible for Intenet filtration.  He told our parent council last spring that the Internet would be properly filtered within two weeks.  The problem is still not fixed. (more…)

Lifesite Article: Board Looks for Solutions

From the beginning Lianne Laurence at has covered our fight to protect children from harmful Internet content in the WRDSB.  Yesterday she reported on the trustees’ motion that passed Monday evening.  You can read that article here.  Her original article of September is here, and she wrote a follow up to it in February here in which she reported that porn in schools is now a province-wide problem.