CBC News Report

CBC News reported on last night’s board meeting.  Trustees Watson and Waddell’s motion passed with some amendments.  We now wait for some more reports.  You can read CBC’s article here and listen to the report here.  I am quoted in both, along with parent Gary Tomic and Trustee Cindy Watson.

Trustee Ted Martin: Not Convinced It’s a Big Problem

It’s been over a year since we learned that children are accessing, whether intentionally or unintentionally, pornography and other harmful content on WRDSB computers.

Tomorrow evening at 7PM, the WRDSB will vote on Natalie Waddell and Cindy Watson’s motion to give the private sector an opportunity to fix this problem.  At 7PM at the board office at 51 Ardelt Ave., in Kitchener the trustees will debate and vote on the said motion.  You should attend! (more…)


To date, the WRDSB staff have presented two reports.

The first report of January 25 is here on page 29.

The second report of February 22 is here on page 35.

A Story from the WRDSB Meeting

I have a great story.  But first, take a look at this new article on Life Site.  Here’s an excerpt:

Reaume is urging people to email WRDSB trustees in support of the motion, which if passed will give the private sector “the opportunity to bid on fixing this problem,” and which will be debated sometime in March.

You get the point, so back to my story.

On Monday after the WRDSB meeting, two superintendents followed us out to the lobby.   (more…)