This is a quick update on the WRDSB meeting of Monday night.
CTV News – Kitchener’s headline sums it up: Decision on stricter filters at WRDSB schools delayed again
I think the most shocking event of the evening was Trustee Mike Ramsay’s comments.  He blamed the children.  To him, if children would just behave themselves this would stop.  You can’t make this stuff up, I’m serious.  He seemed to think we don’t even need filters. I told him children need boundaries and have a difficult time with self-regulation.   Never mind that children have had pop-ups surprise them with pornographic content or have had fellow classmate lure them into to seeing things unexpectedly.  Trustee Ramsay is from Kitchener.  You’re welcome to  email him: .  Kathi Smith received all your emails last week, and she commented on them Monday at the meeting.  So go ahead and let Trustee Ramsay know what you think.
Pastor Sean Sheeran from Hespeler Baptist did a wonderful job urging the board to protect children and guard their innocence.  My wife and I also made presentations.
I may offer a few comments later, but I thought you’d want to know that – surprise! – the WRDSB has done nothing.
Please keep pushing the petition.  It keeps ticking up in support and is really gaining momentum now that frustration is starting to boil.

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