If you have a personal story about how the lack of web protection in the WRDSB has negatively affected your child(ren), please share it below.

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    Install Web Protection on WRDSB Devices

    To Whom It May Concern;

    Thank you for your work as a public servant. I am concerned that children are being exposed to racist, pornographic, and obscene material while using the Internet at school. The school board should be doing everything possible to protect the children.

    Section 4.1 of WRDSB Administrative Policy 4070 reads, "The Waterloo Region District School Board will make every effort to protect users of Board technology from misuse and abuse, and will take reasonable steps to ensure information, communication and collaboration technologies are used only for purposes consistent with the Board’s corporate and learning expectations and Character Development and Digital Citizenship goals."

    Section 2.1 of WRDSB Administrative Policy 4080 reads, "The Board's first responsibility in this area is to provide filtering protection which will
    restrict access to material that has no educational value or is inappropriate, such as
    material deemed to be racist, pornographic, dangerous, or obscene."

    The WRDSB is not upholding its own policies.

    Child safety should be a priority in all schools. I am calling on the Waterloo Region District School Board to fix this problem and implement a web filtration system that will prevent children from accessing pornographic, racist, and other harmful material.


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3 thoughts on “Share Your Story

  1. John says:

    Our son (Grade 4/5) has been involved in at least two incidents (that we know of) of viewing porn at school using the school’s network and computers and/or provided devices. In the first incident, we questioned why he was not being directly supervised while using the internet and the answer was that the teacher is able to walk through the room, etc., but cannot be present all of the time. In the second incident, he was using a tablet at his desk. It seems an impossible task to expect teachers to continually monitor all internet usage (especially that of boys who are highly motivated to view images of naked women) when unrestricted access to the World Wide Web is available to the students. You cannot give young children a book that contains volumes of, among useful things, explicit material and expect them to not try to locate the pages that contain that material. We are working at home to train our children to use the internet appropriately, but included in this is continual supervision and the use of accountability software. We would ask the WRDSB to take the necessary steps to create a safe environment at school in regards to internet usage.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi, I’m in grade 12 and we are not allowed to view anything inappropriate. Everything is blocked on the Internet and wifi so I am not sure where your stories are coming from.

    1. Jacob Reaume says:


      Thanks for your comment. Could you please indicate what school you’ve tested the system on? Thank you. Our experience indicates that it continues to be an ongoing issue.

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